We are meeting with tech companies every day who are committed to creating safe and inclusive workplaces.  Jobs posted on this board are by companies who have met with us personally and have shown a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Reactive Ops

Site Reliability Engineer

As a Site Reliability Engineer, your primary goal will be to ensure our client’s applications are available, fast, and secure. Our clients need the best service, support, and products, and we need you to help us deliver.

Get noticed right away by sending your resume to kendall+diversity@reactiveops.com

Why <div>ersity likes Reactive Ops: The engineering team is entirely remote, allowing for personal flexibility. Their people are focused on learning how to improve company culture by listening and engaging in diversity leadership through online channels.


Senior Full Stack Software Engineer

As a Senior Full Stack Engineer, you’ll push the boundaries of the GoSpotCheck product and platform, automating processes and creating valuable solutions. We are constantly exploring new use cases for our customers and prospective customers. You’ll build highly scalable products for the enterprise customer, and solve the complex engineering challenges that come along with that. You’ll collaborate with, or even lead, your Agile team to continue improving the product and customer experience!

Why <div>ersity likes GoSpotCheck: The director of people operations at GoSpotCheck has gone out of his way to find and develop meaningful relationships with the diversity and inclusion advocates of Colorado.  He’s shown a commitment to creating a workplace culture that is inclusive of people of all backgrounds. This includes everything from the talent acquisition process to the day to day runnings of the company.  


Software Engineer

Flightsayer is a predictive technology start-up passionate about fundamentally changing how the world approaches flight delays. We’ve built a powerful flight delay prediction product that helps our customers—from individual travelers to global airlines—proactively plan for delays hours, days, even months before a flight.

We’re looking for a backend developer with an interest in building robust and scalable services, data pipelines with tons of streaming data, and APIs. Tech-wise we use Python and PostgreSQL, with some Node and Java in the mix. We use lots of AWS services and run out of Docker containers and AWS Lambdas. You will collaborate with our small team to prioritize and plan features, but will ultimately have autonomy in the software solutions you build, from initial design through deployment to production. You care about code quality; you take care to build simple, reliable, and maintainable software; and you stay on top of best practices. You’re a self-starter who can take initiative and figure things out when initial requirements are fuzzy.

Get noticed and e-mail your resume and cover letter C/O Diana Pfeil to careers-div@flightsayer.com

Why <div>ersity likes Flightsayer: They’re a small, diverse, friendly, and tight-knit team that’s excited about flight, optimization, and consistently improving on an amazing product for our users.  The CTO is deeply engaged and an active advocate for women in tech in Colorado.

If you’re interested in posting a job on our board, please e-mail nina@hirediversity.us to set up a meeting.