We are meeting with tech companies every day who are committed to creating safe and inclusive workplaces.  Jobs posted on this board are by companies who have met with us personally and have shown a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Software Engineer

At Truss we believe that a diversity of backgrounds is essential to our ability to solve complex problems, build a sustainable business, and support our community. We are creating a culture based on concrete values and practices to enable Trussels to feel valued, listened to, and supported to do their best work while being their best selves. These goals can only be achieved with the ongoing and evolving commitment of our entire organization.

Why <div>ersity likes Truss: The founding team at Truss have thought deeply about what inclusion means, and have created systems as part of their day to day work that incorporates concrete tactics to create safe spaces. Just one example is their transparency about every person’s salaries in the company. Truss was also invited to be in the inaugural cohort of Project Include. 


Job Openings

Software developers at Campspot work on small agile teams to build our products. Campspot developers are truly full stack, working on both front and back end code, as well as managing the whole lifecycle of a feature from planning through delivery.

Development at Campspot is heavy on collaboration. Developers collaborate with each other via technical design meetings, pair programming, and code reviews.

Why <div>ersity likes Campspot: The engineering team at Campspot has created a first draft plan on how to onboard and mentor new engineers.  This plan includes basic guidelines on how to do pair programming, weekly check-ins, and monthly meetings with senior level staff where regular feedback and retrospectives take place, allowing the space for engineers to voice their ideas and concerns.

Development Team Lead (Denver, CO)

Software Developer (Denver, CO)


Job Openings

At Stackery we’re building production-grade tools for managing serverless infrastructure. Serverless is the fastest growing cloud architecture and much loved by engineers. We’re a Portland Oregon based venture backed startup, equally passionate about building great products and creating a positive, inclusive company culture. Our team dynamic is open, collaborative, supportive, and fun. We strive to create an environment where each member of the team feels empowered to do their best work.

Why <div>ersity likes Stackery: They are the first TechStars alumni we’ve seen show a commitment to diversity and inclusion.  They are intentionally conducting outreach to diverse communities and making strategic diverse hires for their initial engineering team to ensure they grow and scale with inclusion built into their blood.

They are currently hiring for a

Full Stack Engineer (Portland, OR)

Site Reliability Engineer (Portland, OR)

If you’re interested in posting a job on our board, please e-mail nina@hirediversity.us to set up a meeting.